Friday, May 3


from robbi
I just wanted to take the time to say I love the blog -
BeautyFash {from Sequins to Cilantro!}
Lexy has great hair, style and THE best recipes. For those who are avid TGI Friday's happy hour attendees, I'm sure you know about the BBQ chicken flatbread which is amazing. Recently, she posted how to make your own. Results?


Thursday, February 21

Style Rendezvous | Week 3

Will we finally have a winning team? Tune in to see the wild responses to the teams' answers.

Thursday, February 14

Style Rendezvous | Week 2 | Lover Style

Tune in to week 2 for the mystery location of the week. Learn what to wear (and maybe what not to wear on dates) and see if a team wins!

Thursday, February 7

Style Rendezvous | Week One

Welcome to first full week of February! As such, Alumni Row has decided to make the month about relationships. Each week we'll post episodes of our specially crafted game show on style and dating called Style Rendezvous!

Tune in to week 1 for the mystery location of the week. Learn what to wear (and maybe what not to wear on dates) and see which team wins!






Friday, February 1

Exercise from A to G: Apps to Games

If there's something I tried that you never tried, please leave a review in the comments!

Apps: The following apps have either been tried by AR blogger, Robbi, or our readers. If you have a smartphone, mobile apps are super easy because they can be synced with music on your phone or you can challenge friends in your contacts. Plus, you never have the excuse that you don't have the equipment because most oft hese apps need little to no equipment for you to successfully complete the workout. Did I mention that each of these are free?

Thursday, January 17

Alternative Exercising? What about 'em?

So I'm the worst person to talk about exercising because I simply do NOT do enough of it!  However when I do participate in the art of exercising it is in a non-traditional way.

Whit Ford (me) before I met dimple rock!
Don't let the gear fool you I WAS NOT READY!!!

Here is a picture of me, getting ready to go white water rafting in the middle of September in Ohiopyle, PA!  Only my friends know the events after that proceeded!  LOL!!!  So if you glanced at the title, you might have guessed, this post highlights some non-traditional ways to exercise while having fun doing so!!!   Some I have personally participated in, while others NOT so much!